Fuel Tank Safety Online Courses

An online Fuel Tank Safety course to satisfy the requirements of EASA ED 2009/007/A and FAA AC 120-97A of March 2009.

Online Certified Aviation Courses.

Fuel Tank Safety Level 2 Initial

EASA Decisions 2009/006/R and 2009/007/R issued in March 2009 amended existing Acceptable Means of Compliance material of Part M and Part 145 to account for Fuel System Safety Issues.

This includes organisations acting under these parts being required to undertake extensive staff and management training programmes.

Training Objectives

  • To familiarise students with the elements of fuel system safety issues including its language, history and practical considerations
  • To equip students in their everyday tasks to account for the challenges posed by the Fuel Tank System Safety issues, thereby ensuring the continued airworthiness of affected aircraft

Who requires training

Level 1 is aimed at those who represent the maintenance management structure, the quality manager and staff required to quality monitor the organisation.

Level 2 is aimed at those who are required to plan, perform, supervise, inspect and certify the maintenance of aircraft and its fuel system components.

NOTE: Aeropeople consider Level 1 to be better fulfilled if included as part of the Level 2 course, thereby ensuring all students are better informed. Therefore Level 1 Training is not a separate course.

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Fuel Tank Safety Level 2 Refresher Training

It is a Mandatory requirement to carry out Phase 2 “Refresher Training” within every 2 year period.

Key Topics

  • Based on the same principles as the Initial Level 2 Training
  • Updates on Type Certificate Holder recommendations and regulatory developments in the area of fuel tank system safety
  • Latest recommendations as well as refresher training satisfying Part 145 and Part M continuation training requirements
  • Changes to Instructions for Continuing Airworthiness and their availability to and use by maintenance personnel
  • Case Studies include recent incidents and evidence of continuing un-safe conditions in fuel tank system installations

NOTE: Presently there is no requirement for Level 1 Continuation Training.

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